Without other people, there is no meaning to what we do

Because we have days when we don’t see the impact of the work we do or when we don’t get a confirmation of it, it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. We might just be in a mood that messes with the quality of our thinking. Maybe it’s time to take a break, i.e., meditate, take a walk or a nap.

Purpose guides our behaviours unconsciously. The more we are aware of what drives us, the more we can align our goals with our behaviours. As a result, we take actions that bring the feeling of fulfilment.

When it comes to professional purpose, one way to become more aware of why we do what we do is to think of the impact that our work has on colleagues, clients, suppliers, family, society, etc.

And yet, as much as we become conscious of the value of our work, use affirmations and surround our office walls with empowering sentences, moments of emptiness and professional purposeless are to be expected. I have moments when I look into the eyes of the individuals I work with and have no clue if my hard-work is helping them. We need words of appreciation or any other kind of feedback to be able to assess the impact we hope to bring.

When in doubt, it’s good to remind ourselves of the past validations and say to ourselves, “Well, I did say something at some point in my past when I saved someone’s day.” And allow ourselves some rest. It will be a better time to keep on aiming at doing a good job.

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