Leading towards Creativity – On Demand Course

Are you the kind of leader who believes that the best way to lead people is to inspire them? How much do you care about having people talking behind your back that you make them love their job? 


I want to invite you to my course, Leading towards Creativity. The goal is to give you the key concepts that form a culture of creativity and sustainable performance. 


The course is designed based on my recently published book, How to Develop Your Creative Identity at Work, which in turn, it draws on the latest research on the psychology of creativity. 


What topics will we cover?

We’ll go through the core habits of a creativity-enabling workplace.

    • Work identity and values

    • Exploration habits 

    • Observation habits

    • Effective communication of new ideas 


What will you get?

Each session will last 90 minutes. There will be first a 30 minutes presentation of the theoretical framework. The remaining 60 minutes will be group coaching. You’ll walk away identifying new links between creativity habits and work performance.

This course is designed for groups of 8 participants. Send an email to oana@velcu.fi. Once you sign up, you’ll receive an invoice that needs to be paid two days before the session. 


Where and when do we meet?

 Depending on the location of the participants, we’ll organize virtual or face-to-face sessions. 

My Why?

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help smiling when I think of workplaces where people feel good about their impact. So, I’d like to improve the employee experience of curious knowledge workers so they can feel at their best in their roles.